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Shirley L.

I would highly recommend Suzanne Ferguson. She is a very genuine, honest, hard working professional who truly cares about her clients. You will feel very comfortable with her knowing you are in very capable hands and how passionate she is about helping you....

MaungMaung L.

Suzanne is a very knowledgeable and helpful person. She will call you back, help you with answers, guideline and never asking or forcing you do that you are not ready to do. (That is the norm for Riverside county attorney in the local area). I would recommend her as best attorney to seek advice and get for your case.

I had contacted Ms. Ferguson on the website on Saturday and received a call from her Sunday afternoon I was very surprised as I did not expect to hear from her for a few days. I had contacted her regarding an older case of my daughters where her record at DOJ is incorrect. In an effort to correct it we had contacted the criminal courts and had found out that her records have been destroyed and we did not have adequate documentation. She had a solution and was willing to act quickly. She explained everything and gave me my options. In the end we ended up letting the situation play out but I would not hesitate to call Ms. Ferguson for any future needs. She was very easy to talk to and comes across as confident and competent.

She was great with all the communication, her payment process was simple, and in the end, we got everything we asked for! I was referred to her by a friend of mine who is a lawyer, I am so glad I chose to go with her. I had a PC69 CT#2 reduced with a 17/b PC1203.4 not sure which is first but a wobbler conviction reduced and then expunged. She's great!

Brian Weston

If you are looking for a Defense Attorney, look no further than Suzanne M. Ferguson. Suzanne will make sure you know your rights and will protect those rights! Suzanne is genuine, caring and knows the law... I wouldn’t want anyone else in my corner!!


Tiffany Nielsen

If you’re looking for a lawyer who’s in your corner, thinks outside the box and fights for your best interest all while trying to help your outlook...hire Suzanne!