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Proposition 47 has passed!

By OTM Marketing,

This is a major milestone in California legal history. It is an acknowledgment by the majority of our citizens that non-violent durg offenders need help, not incarceration. Thank you, California voters for keeping the faith and not allowing yourselves to be scared into submission by some very large unions and lobbyists. … Continue reading

Yes on Prop 47!

By OTM Marketing,

This is our chance, ladies and gentlemen. Incarcerating addicts does NOT work. Sadly, those who find themselves addicted to alcohol or drugs are generally only hurting themselves. As this article describes, incarcerating people rather than helping them fix the underlying problem and WORK toward a solution is a “dangerous and wasteful practice.” And now the entire system is about to break because of it! Take a look everyone…think it through, please. … Continue reading